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Are you still using a cheap plastic disposable razor?


Or an expensive plastic razor system with branded refills?


These options are not only more costly over time, use an unnecessary amount of blades, and lock you into a particular brand of products - the disposable razor options are harmful to the planet by contributing to single use plastic waste. 


Say goodbye to ingrown hairs, rash, and plastic waste with our Trese Skincare Safety Razor. 


The advantage of a safety razor is that it costs far less over time than traditional disposable razors.  


Our premium double-edge safety razor provides the closest and cleanest shave possible, reducing irritation, and leaving your skin silky smooth.  


Made from high quality brass, and powder coated for durability, our razor is plastic free and compatible with any brand of double-edge razor blades - so you can cut single use plastic from your shaving routine entirely. 


- Long No-Slip Grip Handle
- Suitable for Facial or Body Hair 
- Eco-Friendly Cardboard Packaging 
- Lazer Engraved Trese Skincare Logo
- Includes 5 x Double Edge Razor Blades 
- High Quality Powder Coated Brass Construction
- Compatible with all brands of double edge razor blades 

Safety Razor + 5 Blades

GST Included
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